10 reasons to include window vinyl’s in your advertising campaign.

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We live in an ever evolving era where a camera is within reach 24 hours a day to most. It seems unheard of that one would not be on some sort of social media and the stats for the number of visual images uploaded daily speak for themselves. Having your brand and image in a prominent place on a window front will enhance your campaign.

  • Creates brand awareness, recognition & builds trust.

“I wonder which beer to choose” Image source link.

  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Quick to roll out installation to several sites. Internal vinyls don’t require street permits to install and can be done come rain or shine.
  • Maximum visual impact, first thing shoppers see when entering store, planting the seed.

“Look at me! Look at me” Image source link.

  • Opportunity to reach customers outside the stores demographic; Advertising on the shop front reaches footfall from potential consumers that are just passing the store. Depending on you demographic there is opportunity to be in the back ground of one of the millions of images that gets uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Snapchat etc daily. Potentially those images online will keep your campaign alive on social media long after the vinyls come down; reaching an endless potential.
  • Quick to install and remove without causing any damage to windows.