Removal & Storage Of Your Retail Store Contents

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About 14 shops are closing every day. According to PwC, 2,692 shops shut across the UK in the first half of 2018, while only 1,569 new stores opened.





Ruck can

Remove all signage

Cover windows

Dismantle fixtures

Pack up all fittings and fixtures.

Record all items on an inventory

Recycle or dispose of waste

Clear rubbish from premises

PAT test electrical items

Store items in our warehouse

Have items available to deliver to other sites

Update existing items with your new POS

Unfortunately store closures are a thing of the present; but the contents of your retail stores doesn’t need to be a thing of the past.

We can help remove, recycle and update any signage, furniture and fixtures from your old stores that  can be reused in others. We carefully remove, disassemble and store your items ready for their return in the future to different stores.

We can also store exhibition stands.

Call Laura for a quote  07977 604 718  LJ.HALL@RUCK.LTD.UK


In 2018 which regions suffered most?

According to PwC, Greater London had the largest number of store closures of any UK region, with a fall of 716, while only 448 were opened.

None of the UK regions analysed by PwC recorded a net gain in store count in the first six months of the year.