We Can Survey Your Store, Rucks Guide To Store Audits.

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Site Survey, store survey, store audit, site audit whatever you call it we can measure almost anything! Picture6

We have been completing some site surveys recently to measure, floors, walls, windows and units for the application of vinyl and received this feedback from our client


“the survey has shed loads of details and probably one of the best I have ever seen in my opinion!! Honestly, credit to the guy on site!!“

If you re looking to update your retail estate from one store to a roll out we can complete the site surveys for you.

We can record all the information you need to produce and fit the graphics then when needed we can install them too!


How much of your retail estate do you really know? Having an entire estate roll out and knowing every available space for advertising,  can save you money in the long term, reduce POS waste and give you a better understanding of your sites.



Store surveys prevent POS waste by having the correct measurements, ensuring your items fit where you want them and minimise costly revisits. Once we know the reasoning behind the survey (what item you’re installing and where) we are able to adapt on site to ensure the information collected is sufficient for you to complete your install.

If an area needs measuring as there may be other factors important that (our survey) your eyes on the job can tell you. For example you may not be able to install a hanging sign  in a certain place due to it blocking a security camera etc. Once you know what you want to put in place whether it be wall vinyl to fixtures and anything in between this information is useful.



The information you collect is all you get to see, so the set of questions needs to collect all the answers you need.

Are the questions clear or open to interpretation? Having a run through of the questions helps determine if its the correct way to ask for the info you need!

Then you will need to see what is going on too? Photos are a standard product of our site surveys, better to have too many than too little 🙂 .

Do any sites have individual requirements? Sometimes this wont be apparent until on site that’s why at ruck all our trained surveyors will pick up on additional items that are relevant.

Have you covered measurements, existing materials, power locations, access to site, what equipment would be need to install? This is now your opportunity to collect everything you need now and for the future installs from this site. We can help you with audit questions too.



Questions, questions, questions but do you really need all the answers? A good way to see (time permitting) if you have the correct questions in place is to do a run through. Time to do this is usually a luxury but it can save a lot of time if an important question is missed off. Each question takes time, time costs money so if there are unnecessary questions in there a run through can filter these out too.



Is the location undecided? Do you need to include all stores?

Are there items to be measured at height? Do you need to know what access equipment is needed? Then you may need to check the access to site to see if the doorways are wide enough to bring a platform in or if you already know the size of your installation item we can check whether it will fit.


We can support you with same day information and images.

Call 01606 550 961 or email Laura on lj.hall@ruck.ltd.uk for a site survey quote.